Thursday, 11 May 2017

Advice From An Ex Copper About Video Evidence ... By Jason Clauson.

I would like to offer some advice re video evidence.. as a ex Copper (and now GB) i have dealt numerous times with video evidence ....and behaviour WHEN being videoed.

Best advice ... SPEAK ... you may see whats happening on footage but as you all know different interpretations or releasing footage after a certain event can change what people think.

So .... commentate .... if you are dealing with a vehicle ... say out loud  the reg number .. location ..  number of occupants .. description of driver. 

So if its not evident on tape it is because you said it.

Swearing in the heat of the moment cant be helped ... but staying calm does help. Deep breaths. Dont focus on one thing ... keep aware of all around you.

Personal confrontation .... say lots ....

'Keep away' or 'keep back' ... shows the direction of aggression .. ie towards you..

If you raise your hands ... do it open handed ... it shows no weapon .. shows less aggression coupled with verbal description of get back or get away .. so if you are being filmed by them or us you are not seen as an aggressor.. 

If attacked all and any means defend yourself

• 1st rule ... RUN AWAY .... cant get hurt if you aint there.

• 2nd rule ... if you cant do 1st rule ... strike and retreat ... 

• 3rd Rule ... DONT GO TO GROUND ... you are too vulnerable..

I have won cases on video evidence because of clear and unambiguous verbals.

Speaking as someone who was injured many times on duty in my 30yrs including knife wounds I know my actions saved me from much worse injuries ..

Lets be safe out there and back eachother up whenever we can.

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